The Most Remote Airports in the World

Charter a flight to Easter Island

Traveling privately has many perks, including the ability to access remote areas that are either impossible by commercial flight, or that have restrictive commercial flight schedules. When you charter a private plane, you can get to places you’ve always wanted to visit without taking boats, buses, trains, or long car rides to get there. The following are some of the most remote airports globally that are a lot easier to get to when flying private.

Mataveri International Airport – Easter Island

This is technically the world’s most remote airfield. It is located in Hanga Roa, the central town and capital of Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island in Eastern Polynesia. The next closest airport is in Santiago, Chile, almost 2,400 miles away. It is famous as being home to the mo’ai – the human-like figures carved from compressed volcanic ash that were created sometime between 1250 and 1500 CE. The airport sees more than 100,000 passengers per year, but it is easier to reach and avoid crowds by private plane. Easter Island is on many travelers’ bucket lists and is worth putting on yours, too.

Courchevel Airport – France

This area is a popular ski destination, and private aircraft had been denied access to the steep, short runway of Courchevel for a long time. Beginning in 2015, charter operators were allowed to use the landing strip at what is officially the highest airport in Europe. This remote airport was also featured in a James Bond film, and it is a perfect airport for charter flights for those looking to hit the slopes. With some of the most exquisite skiing in Europe, it is a vacation must.

Charter a flight to Norway

Svalbard Airport – Norway

Calling Svalbard remote is an understatement. There is no regular boat service to Svalbard at any time of year, and the only way to arrive by ship is as part of an expedition cruise. That means if you have a Northern Norway adventure in your vacation plans, it’s best to charter a private flight. This archipelago enables visitors to see the northern lights in the winter, and the summer brings its 24 hours of “midnight sun,” offering even more time to see polar bears, Arctic foxes, and Svalbard reindeer.

Paro Airport – Bhutan

Paro Airport is the only international airport in Bhutan, which can only be reached while it is light outside. This remote airport is situated in a valley surrounded by the Himalayas and is very close to the Paro Chhu River. The high-altitude approach that is taken to land at Paro Airport results in a thrilling arrival. Anyone traveling to Bhutan can enjoy breathtaking trekking and visit gorgeous monasteries built right into the cliffs of the mountains.

Charter a flight to Scotland

Barra Airport – Scotland

Barra Airport is on the Isle of Barra, which is in Scotland’s remote Outer Hebrides. The airport is unique because it is the only one where flights use a tidal beach as the runway. It is also the only airport in the world where the runway is entirely covered by water at times, making it impossible to land at the airport during high tide. If you are visiting the northern tip of Scotland, this is an excellent airport for chartering a private flight. When looking for the ultimate Scottish Isle experience, you can stay at many inns and guesthouses right on the water, taking in the beauty and salty sea air.

Cordova Airport – Alaska

The short runway at this airport is typically used by small planes and seaplanes.  If you are traveling to the Cordova area of Alaska, you won’t be able to drive, as Cordova is not accessible by roads. The best way to visit Cordova is to charter a private flight and fly directly to Cordova Airport.

Charter a seaplane

Charter a private flight to some of the most remote airports in the world

When you charter a private plane, you can access vacation spots that just are not possible commercially. The above are just a few of the many remote airports globally, but if you’re looking for even more ideas or had something else in mind, we’re happy to help you explore the possibilities. If 2022 is the year you’ve promised to take more unusual vacations, then it’s about time to charter a private flight and get some of those items on your travel bucket list finally crossed off. Try something new and branch out by chartering a private flight to one of the world’s most remote locations.

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