Private Flight Charter for Professional Sports Teams: NFL, NBA & Others

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If you’re planning travel for a professional sports team, you’re likely already aware of the endless benefits that chartering a private team aircraft can offer. At Luxury Aircraft Solutions, we pride ourselves on our extensive fleet, high safety standards, and top-notch customer service. If you’re looking into different options for your team’s next big event or game, look no further: we’re standing by and available to charter the private flight best suited for your sports team. Regardless of where your team is flying from or where they’re headed, Luxury Aircraft Solutions can get them there safely and in style.

Traveling as a team made easy

Your team is a team after all, and with all of the important events they attend and games they play throughout the season, why should travel be any different? When time management is important and there isn’t a minute to spare due to travel mishaps or other delays that cause some players to be left behind, ensure your team arrives all at once and on their private plane. We can also arrange for ground transportation to and from the airport to ensure a smooth, safe, and fast travel experience overall. 

NFL charter flights

Safety and security

At Luxury Aircraft Solutions, we offer VIP treatment for sports teams looking to maintain a low profile while they travel, while also staying safe. High-profile athletes can face several challenges when they are flying on commercial airlines, and in some cases, even when they navigate through commercial airports. Not only are private flights limited to just your team and anyone else they personally want to invite onboard, but when you fly private, you also have the option to fly to and from the airports of your choice. Celebrities often choose smaller airports that are off the radar and limited to those exclusively flying private because it allows them to easily maintain their privacy. This also means more streamlined security procedures that can help them swiftly navigate through the airport (or even drive directly to their plane, depending on the airport) and board their private aircraft. If you need assistance identifying the best airports to fly in and out of if security and privacy are concerns, we are happy to help go over your different options.

On-board creature comforts

Traveling for a big event or game can be stressful and nerve-wracking for any team, even for the experienced professional. Your team can unwind onboard with five-star treatment, including high-quality meal catering, spacious seating options, in-flight entertainment, WiFi, and other perks that can be tailored exclusively to your team’s preferences.

Seamless transport of luggage and equipment

Team jerseys, sporting equipment, personal luggage: these are just some of the many things that sports teams may travel with when they’re heading to a game. Flying commercial can be extremely limiting when it comes to what’s allowed onboard or even what’s allowed in the cargo section of the airplane. And because commercial airlines are notorious for frequently misplacing checked items, it can be absolutely disastrous, especially if you’re in a time crunch. Ensure that everything your team needs arrives when they do. 

NFL charter flights

Team meetings and huddles

Need a last-minute place for your team to huddle or have a meeting right before the big game? The comfort of a private and luxurious aircraft is the perfect spot. Seating arrangements and layouts on private aircraft are much different than commercial airplanes and tend to offer unique layouts and flexibility, allowing team members to easily have on-board team meetings and finalize any last-minute strategies and tactics as they’re heading to a game. 

Arriving well-rested

Let’s face it: traveling, in general, can leave anyone feeling drained and exhausted by the time they arrive at their destination, even if the flight is a short one. Flying private eliminates the stress out of traditional travel by providing travelers with the best experience possible. Depending on your team’s schedule, there may not be enough time for players to adequately rest before a big game once their flight lands. Flying private, however, gives them a comfortable place to unwind, relax, and get some sleep during their travels. This is especially crucial on long flights and for teams on tight schedules. Ensure that your team arrives fully rested and is ready to give it their all at their next game by chartering a private flight through Luxury Aircraft Solutions. 

Charter a private team aircraft for your sports team

Private flight charter for professional sports teams and sports leagues

At Luxury Aircraft Solutions, we are equipped to charter private flights for any professional sports team and sports league, including but not limited to Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Football League (NFL), and the National Hockey League (NHL). We also provide charter flight services for tennis players, golfers and PGA Tour players, NASCAR drivers, soccer teams, and all other professional sports teams, players, and athletes. Get your instant quote today for NFL charter flights, NBA charter flights and other sports league charter flights.