Charter a small plane to Cape May County Airport (WWD)

Cape May is a fun-filled summer destination that offers amazing beaches, beautiful surroundings, and entertainment opportunities that could keep you busy for weeks. Whether you are content to sit in the sand all day or are ready to find activities to fill your times, Cape May is ready for you.



Soft sand and cool, refreshing ocean waves greet visitors to Cape May beaches. Great for strolling or sunbathing, the beaches are supplied with convenient visitors’ stations for your personal needs and kept immaculately clean. Visit food carts or shops and restaurants within walking distance when you need some refreshments. The crashing waves and warm breeze are sure to chase your worries away for perfect relaxation. Beach tags are required during the summer season at Cape May. Ranging from a $6 daily rate to $28 seasonal rate, these tags provide you with access to Higbee Beach with its plentiful wildlife, Sunset Beach which offers free parking, or the hotspot of Cape May Point.



There is so much great food available in Cape May that you can even take a tour that allows you to sample the best that the city has to offer. Learn a little bit of the history of this wonderful area as you enjoy a wide variety of delicacies at top restaurants chosen for their high quality and uniqueness. Cape May food tours are the perfect way to see the city and sample great food. For a meal you are sure to enjoy, visit the top rated fine dining establishment in Cape May: Peter Shields Inn and Restaurant. Located in a romantic Georgian mansion by the sea, the atmosphere and gourmet food will be one of the highlights of your trip to Cape May.


Museums, theater, and vineyards offer a diverse selection of cultural experiences. Take in a play or an evening at the ballet. Tour the Cape May Vineyard or take a wine tasting tour that includes several of Cape May’s fine wineries, such as Willow Creek Winery and Turdo Vineyard. Learn something new at the Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum, where you can see an amazing selection of military planes. In Cape May, you are limited only by your imagination.


Cape May is home to historic estates, lighthouses, and even a World War II lookout tower. Explore the past through the fine examples that remain in Cape May to remind us of days gone by. The Emlen Physick Estate or Historic Cold Spring Village are ideal places to begin your historic adventure.

Charter a small plane to Cape May County Airport (WWD)

Many people are surprised to learn that Cape May has its own airport. This is because it’s a small airport and commercial airliners don’t fly there. Chartering a small plane to Cape May is the easiest and fastest way to get there. Otherwise, you’ll have to take a ferry from Delaware, or you’ll need to fly to either Atlantic City or Philadelphia and drive to Cape May. This drive can take a while, especially in summer months when there is a lot of traffic congestion. Save yourself the time and aggravation by chartering a small plane through Luxury Aircraft Solutions.

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