Seeing the northern lights in Iceland


Aurora Borealis, or the northern lights, are caused by millions of explosions of magnetic energy by solar winds as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere from the sun at a million miles per hour. The result is a natural phenomena of beautifully colored “dancing” lights in the sky with colors ranging from red to pink, green to blue to purple, and dark to light, with green being the color most often seen.


Because of its location near the northern magnetic pole where the northern lights predominantly occur, Iceland is one of the more popular places to visit for this sought after event. Whether you decide to join a guided tour group or opt to go it on your own, there are important factors that you should consider before beginning this adventure.

When to visit

The best time of year to go to Iceland is from September to April, not only because of the darkness of these months, but also for the clearest nights they provide. You’ll want to stay out of major cities such as Reykjavik to avoid “light pollution”. The countryside offers many lovely towns with hotels and guesthouses. Try to make your stay for at least seven nights to give yourself a fair chance of witnessing this spectacular event. Of course, the more nights you stay, the better your chances are. You may want to find out what the iceland weather is going to be like when you’re in the process of planning your visit as this will factor into when you choose to go.


Be sure to bundle up with lots of layers of clothing and insulated outerwear for a very cold winter with temperatures dipping well below freezing and biting winds. If you’re the adventurous type that would prefer to rent a vehicle and map out your own itinerary, check your routes very carefully before you set out. Many of the roads are very icy and slippery, so you’ll want to know the terrains you’ll be driving onto beforehand. Check the weather services regularly as conditions change quite frequently in the winter.


Secret Lagoon

There are various guided tours available, with or without packages that not only have the advantage of the guide’s knowledge and expertise, but with very interesting aspects, as well. They take you to breathtaking locations, such as glaciers by the way of snowmobiling, or to a magical place called the Secret Lagoon in the small village of Fludir. There, you float in 100-degree water supported by head and leg gear while you listen to music and gaze upon the lights! This can be a good alternative for those looking to avoid the crowds at the Blue Lagoon. Whether you choose a tour, plan your own itinerary, or combine the two, you’re sure to have one of the most amazing experiences of a lifetime!


Charter a flight to Iceland

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