How to save money on a private flight

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It’s a common misconception that only the very wealthy can afford to charter a private plane. If you’ve always wanted to charter a jet, but didn’t have the available financial resources, consider some of the different ways that you can save money on a private jet flight and make it more affordable:

Two businessmen meeting on private plane

Split the cost with a large group

If you’re flying with family, a bunch of friends, or coworkers, consider how much it would cost for you all the buy your own separate plane tickets versus chartering your own plane. Doing research into this is key, as you may be surprised as to how much money you could save if you all chipped on for a private flight. Just by doing a quick google search into something like Business Air, Aircraft Charter, you’ll be able to find out if this is the right way to go when it comes to saving and having the best flight experience.

Depending on the size of your group, the type of plane you’d want to charter, and your destination, you’ll sometimes discover that it costs the same (or even less) to charter a plane and split the cost. This is especially true if you were planning on flying first class in a commercial flight. Before you book your next group trip, be sure to compare the cost differences first.

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Find an empty leg flight

Whether you’re flexible on dates and/or destination, empty leg flights can offer terrific deals for the last-minute (or spontaneous) traveler looking to save money, yet without sacrificing luxury. At Luxury Aircraft Solutions, we can help you find an empty leg flight that meets your travel needs and for a fraction of the cost.

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Sign up for our Jet Card

Lock in hourly rates ahead of time by applying for a Jet Card, offered exclusively by Luxury Aircraft Solutions. Hours never expire and there are never any deadlines to worry about, plus we offer full refunds if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or our services.

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Contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions

At Luxury Aircraft Solutions, we specialize in finding the perfect private flights for travelers based on different factors, including origin, destination, budget, preferred aircraft, and so on. If cost is a primary concern, let Luxury Aircraft Solutions help. Contact us today to learn more about chartering your private flight!