Private Flight Charter for College Sports Teams

Private team aircraft travel

When it comes to travel for your college sports team, look no further than a charter flight, which offers tremendous benefits for college sports teams traveling for games and other events. For a smooth group traveling experience, the logistics need to be conscientiously planned, or else the trip could go wrong in numerous ways. This becomes especially pertinent if you’re traveling for an important game.

Chartering a private aircraft for your team is the best option for your upcoming college game or event. The crucial elements of safety, reliability, and flexibility cannot be overlooked when traveling with your team. Flying private with your team offers remarkable benefits as opposed to driving or flying commercial.

Charter flight for college sports teams

Simplified organization of the team

When traveling with a lot of people, private team aircraft travel offers incredibly efficient organization of your trip. From creating a tailored itinerary to managing all the administrative procedures, chartering a private team aircraft is a seamless solution, saving considerable time and hassle for the team, and hence, providing an exceptional experience.

Unlike a commercial flight, where the team has to manage their itinerary according to the flight’s schedule, flying private offers a great deal of flexibility in choosing your desired schedule, as well as airports.

Better value

When traveling with a team, chartering a private jet can provide a better value compared to purchasing individual airline tickets for everyone on the team. Contrary to the popular belief that private flights are only for executives, government officials, and the ultra-wealthy, there are several ways that private flights have become much more affordable for the general public.

In fact, when traveling together in a group, the total cost is significantly reduced. Have a luxurious flying experience at affordable rates when flying private!

Flying with excess baggage

Smooth transit of luggage and equipment

Traveling for a game means that team members would not only be carrying their personal luggage, but they would also be bringing along their professional equipment, sports jerseys, and other essentials. Flying on a commercial flight would require the team to go through a long and daunting procedure to ensure all the luggage arrives safely at the destination. There are also potential restrictions to prepare for, and the high probability of a checked-in item being misplaced. Especially when you’re under time constraints and have an important upcoming game, this can be a complete disaster, and the entire team’s schedule would be affected. Flying private ensures that all baggage is meticulously taken care of and arrives when you do.


Traveling together as a team is a different experience compared to traveling alone and has to be planned differently. Time management, well-organized schedules, and room for mishaps all need to be taken into consideration when traveling as a team.

When traveling for a scheduled event or game, you don’t want to take chances and potentially ruin the team’s experience due to any inconvenience caused while boarding or during the flight. You also escape the busy check-in process, hectic security screenings, and inconvenient baggage collection procedures.  Flying in a private aircraft also gives you the opportunity to land at the airport of your choice, closest to your venue, and swiftly go through the airport procedures. A private ground transportation service can also be organized through Luxury Aircraft Solutions to transport the entire team to their hotel or game venue.

A long commercial flight or drive can be exhausting, impacting the team’s mental and physical state, and ultimately their performance at the game. On the other hand, your team could enjoy a relaxing and tranquil journey with a private flight, ensuring they arrive well-rested and ready.

Charter flight for sporting events


Flying private makes the experience impeccably smooth when traveling with a large group. With flight schedules curated according to your team’s schedule, the plane is ready to take off once everyone arrives.

You can almost always expect overtime in a sports game, which means the flight would have to alter its take-off time accordingly. This evidently cannot happen with a commercial airline, which needs to stick to its designated schedule. A private flight, however, offers absolute flexibility when it comes to scheduling.

On-board comfort

When taking a flight for a sporting event, the players need to be comfortable and relaxed to prepare themselves well for the game. Private flights are much more spacious and comfortable, ensuring that team players are relaxed during their entire journey, even if the flight is long. Private team aircraft travel gives the team members ample room to unwind.

Privacy and personal space

Private team aircraft travel gives teams several opportunities to prepare themselves for the game during the flight. They have ample space not just to relax, but also move around the aircraft freely, conduct important meetings related to the game and carry out discussions, review videos and pre-game tips as part of their game prep routine on a large screen together and, most of all, display their enthusiasm without having to worry about bothering other passengers.

Having a robust flight experience and interacting with one another keeps their energy levels high, elevating their motivation and spirits, leading to higher chances of a victorious game.

Bespoke flight experience

Traveling with your team is an endearing experience on its own. Instead of this being stressful and nerve-wracking, the team deserves to have an enjoyable experience onboard. Private flights also take all additional measures to tailor to passengers. This also includes fulfilling any special nutritional requirements, down to the preferred beverages of choice. The flight crew members are assigned to solely attend to the needs of the team, unlike commercial flights, where limited flight crew employees serve all passengers on board.

Private jets can also customize the interior of the plane with your team’s logo to hype up the team for the big game.

Private flight charter

Charter a private flight for your college sports team

To charter a private flight for your college sports team’s upcoming event, contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions today and curate the itinerary according to your preferences. Offering a range of private travel solutions to our clients, we take immense pride in our extensive fleet, optimal safety standards, and paramount customer service to meet the needs of our clients.

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