Benefits of Flying Private For a Family Trip 

Private jet family travel

Anyone can benefit from flying on a private jet; family travel, however, offers exclusive advantages on chartered flights that are overlooked. If you’ve never flown on a private flight before or have yet to fly private with your family and you’re planning a family vacation, consider the many benefits of flying private for a family trip, which include:

Less risk to virus exposure

Flying commercially puts passengers at a risk of being exposed to all sorts of germs and viruses, including the flu, COVID-19, and other contagious illnesses. Getting sick at the start of your trip can easily ruin your vacation, and catching something on your return flight is the last type of souvenir you want to bring back home. You want to protect your family as much as possible, and chartering a private flight ensures you’re not exposed to the same amount of people you would be if you flew commercially. When you fly private, you and your family will have your own expedited screening process, and you won’t have to travel through the main terminal. In fact, some airports allow those chartering private flights to drive their cars right up to the aircraft!

Once on board, passengers are at a much higher risk of getting sick on a commercial flight because they are in a tight space with hundreds of strangers. On a private flight, it’s just you and your family, plus a small flight crew. If you are traveling with family members with vulnerable immune systems, such as older people or young children and babies, it is especially important to make safety a top priority for your upcoming family vacation.

More accommodating to families with young children

Flying with babies and young children can be stressful, but not when you fly private. Kids can often get restless on flights, especially longer journeys, and flying private ensures more in-flight entertainment options that are tailored to your children’s preferences. Flying with a baby can also be stressful; babies tend to cry frequently, which can be nerve-wracking for parents on packed commercial flights. Chartering a flIght ensures that you can feed, change, and play with your baby as you see fit, with ample space and privacy. Private flights also provide ultimate comfort options when it’s nap time, which is often essential when traveling with babies and young children. Chartering a private flight for your family vacation also allows you to fully customize onboard dining options, which can be especially helpful, as young children tend to be particular about what they eat. Our custom on-board dining options can also be tailored to work around any allergies your family might have.

Charter a private flight for your family trip

Less stress overall

Traveling and flying can be stressful, but perhaps even more so when you’re traveling with family, especially if you are traveling with a large group and/or small children. There are several aspects of the flight to coordinate, and there’s a lot that can go awry. Understandably, flying with family can be particularly stressful, but this anxiety completely disappears when you fly private. When you charter a private flight, everything is in your control, from the type of airplane you prefer to the schedule that best suits your needs. Want to time your flight to line up with your baby’s nap time? Worried about the cabin being too cold for your kids? Stressing about mask mandates that the majority of toddlers tend to resist? Having anxiety about navigating through a large airport terminal with your family and what seems like endless amounts of luggage? These are just some of the many concerns that people tend to have when planning family vacations, but when you charter a private flight, you won’t have to worry about any of these things. 

The ability to bring what you need

Traveling with a pack-and-play, stroller, and other bulky baby or child items? Do you need to take a lot of equipment for your family trip, such as ski equipment or golf clubs? Are you bringing a bunch of luggage overall for your upcoming family vacation? It’s understandable when you’re traveling with your family that you may need to bring a lot of things with you, but it can be especially cumbersome if you’re traveling with a baby, a large group, or you have a special trip planned that involves a lot of bulky equipment. Commercial airline flights will limit what you can bring in general, but especially what you can bring on board with you in the cabin. Flying private allows much more flexibility with what you can fly with in the main cabin, and there is even more flexibility when it comes to the amount of luggage you can check in your private plane’s cargo compartment. 

Your family vacation begins immediately

When you fly with a commercial airliner, your vacation doesn’t begin until you arrive at your destination. After all, typical flights include shuffling through crowds and security, waiting in terminals, flight delays, airport connections, potentially getting separated from family members in the cabin due to haphazard seating assignments, and other hassles. With a private flight, you and your family can all be together in a stress-free environment from the beginning. Enjoy your favorite in-board entertainment, such as your favorite movie or board game, or simply enjoy each other’s company on your own private airplane from the moment you board. When you charter a private flight for your family trip, your vacation begins immediately.

Private jet for family vacation

Charter a private flight for your family trip

Do you have an upcoming family vacation? Ensure it goes as smoothly as possible and create a memorable vacation by chartering your private flight through Luxury Aircraft Solutions, or signing up for our Jet Membership program.