Private flight charter from Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG) to Teterboro (TEB)

Flying from Flagstaff, Arizona: Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG)

Flying to Teterboro, New Jersey: Teterboro Airport (TEB)

Average flying time: 4 hours, 39 minutes

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About Flagstaff Pulliam Airport – Flagstaff, Arizona (FLG)

6200 S Pulliam Dr
Flagstaff, AZ 86005

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport is a public airport located three miles south of downtown Flagstaff, in Coconino County, Arizona. The airport is owned and operated by the City of Flagstaff, and it is also home to the Coconino Community College Aviation Program. The program is affiliated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport has a long and rich history. It was originally built in 1928 as a Works Progress Administration project. The original runway was short, and the airport was used primarily for general aviation and military training operations. In the late 1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corps extended the runway.

In 1941, the United States Army Air Corps took over the airport and expanded it further. The Army Air Corps used the airport for training pilots during World War II. After the war, the airport was returned to civilian control. Today, Flagstaff Pulliam Airport is a thriving regional airport that serves both commercial and general aviation traffic.

About Teterboro Airport – Teterboro, New Jersey (TEB)

111 Industrial Ave
Teterboro, NJ 07608

Teterboro Airport is a general aviation reliever airport located in Bergen County, New Jersey. The airport serves a variety of aircraft, but it is exclusive for those flying private.

Private flight charter from Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG) to Teterboro (TEB)

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