Part 2: What Private Jets Are Celebrities Using.

Private jets are especially common among celebrities, CEO’s, and the movers and shakers in corporate America. Below are 5 more celebrities and the jets they have chosen to make their home in the sky.

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6. Larry Ellison
Co founder and CEO of the Oracle Corporation, Larry Ellison flies consistently from Malibu to Japan on a Gulf Stream V. Ellison is the third wealthiest American citizen in the world.

7. Mark Cuban
As owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Cubans custom design Boeing 767 has seats big enough to accommodate all the players on the team.

8. Rupert Murdoch
Rupert Murdoch currently owns two private jets. His Boeing 737 is ideal for large groups and long trips. However he also owns a Gulfstream 550 which can accommodate up to 18 people. The Gulfstream 550 is an extremely versatile aircraft because it is small enough to land at most local airports but large enough to travel half way around the world without refueling.

9. Paul Allen
Mega investor Paul Allen purchased a Mig-29 two seat Soviet Designed Fighter Jet which used to be used by the Russian Air force before coming to the US for restoration.

10. Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey is also the proud owner of a luxurious jet. Jim is an aviation enthusiast and has a Gulfstream V. He also offers private charters to individuals who can take a ride in the aircraft for $8,000 an hour.