Part 1: What Private Jets Are Celebrities Using.

Private jets are especially common among celebrities, CEO’s, and the movers and shakers in corporate America. Below are 5 celebrities and the jets they have chosen to make their home in the sky.

1. Tom Cruise: “Top Gun” star Tom Cruise takes to the air in a GIV. Although he is not in the pilot seat, he does enjoy his 88’ x 77’ private hotel in the sky. Seating anywhere from 15 to 19, no mission is impossible for Tom and his entourage.

2. John Travolta: This “Pulp Fiction” star sees Toms GIV and raises him a Boeing 707. A pilot himself, he has been known to fly his custom Boeing 707 to many relief efforts such as hurricane Katrina.

3. Harrison Ford: Another aviation enthusiast, Ford has several planes and helicopters, none rivaling the Millenium Falcon, however he has been known to hit the skies in his De Havilland.

4. Donald Trump: Keeping with his image, Trumps cruises around in a $100 million dollar Boeing 757. The Trump logo on the side of the plane is made of 23 Carat Gold leaf.

5. Oprah Winfrey: Oprahs production company, HARPO, recently purchased a $42 million custom-built Global Express XRS by Bombardier Aerospace.

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