How to Plan a Travel Incentive For Your Employees

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Charter a flight for employee incentive trips

If you’re looking for a special way to motivate your employees for excellent performance, cash bonuses are always appreciated, of course. But more and more companies are looking for unique incentives to encourage their employees, and for many, employee incentive trips are a perfect reward. Whether you are giving your top worker the ultimate trip of a lifetime for a record sales year, or you’re rewarding your entire department for exceeding goals and expectations with an all-expenses-paid trip, travel incentives are a great motivation tool. If you’re planning this type of trip for the first time and you’re wondering how to plan a travel incentive for your employees, the following tips can help:

How to plan a travel incentive for your employees

Get your team excited during the pre-planning stages

Generate buzz around the office and alert your team right away about an upcoming incentive trip. Keep them updated through your planning process, and get feedback regarding destination preferences. If you’re planning on making the trip extra special, such as with a charter flight, be sure to share this information with your team as well. Even if it’s not happening for a long time, the excitement and anticipation of a possible incentive trip can quickly reflect in your company’s performance.

How to plan a travel incentive for your employees

Pick a unique or exotic destination

Ultimately, the destination you choose for your travel incentive will be a key motivator, as some destinations are simply more appealing than others. Consider a coveted travel destination that most people only dream about visiting, but don’t typically get the opportunity to do so. Ideally, you’ll want to pick a destination that is new for anyone potentially going on this incentive trip. The sooner you finalize a destination selection, the more driven your employees will be from the beginning. You’ll also want to consider the time of year you plan on taking your trip when finalizing your choice. For example, if you’re planning for a winter incentive trip and you live somewhere that typically experiences harsh weather conditions, a destination that is known for its warm, balmy climate and beautiful beaches will be particularly motivating.

Chartering a private flight can be an amazing way to make your employee incentive trips extraordinary, regardless of the destination. But if you’re choosing a destination that’s remote, far from your departure point, or far from an international airport, chartering a private flight can be especially helpful. After all, an incentive trip is a hard-earned trip and you want it to be stress-free, relaxing, and enjoyable. As amazing they may be, certain destinations require extensive travel time and other hassles, such as switching planes and other transportation connections. Eliminate this stress by ensuring your incentive trip is a luxurious experience from beginning to end.

Team building during employee incentive trips

Use it as an opportunity to bond and grow stronger as a team

Generally, there are two types of employee incentive trips: employee incentive trips for individuals who win these trips as prizes for the best job performance, and trips for teams who collectively met (or exceeded) their goals. If you are traveling with your entire company or department, be sure to line up group activities during the trip that allow everyone to have fun and strengthen your bond as a team. Engaging in the right team-building activities throughout the trip will have positive effects on performance once everyone returns from the trip and is back in the office.

Ensuring everyone travels to and from the destination together on a private flight, for example, is a great way to spend some one-on-one time with team members, especially if the flight is long. It allows everyone to truly share the entire travel experience from beginning to end, and it will make for amazing memories!

How to plan a travel incentive for your employees

Have a backup plan

Vacation plans don’t always go accordingly, especially if you are planning in advance. Natural disasters, sudden travel restrictions, and even last-minute changes and flight cancelations can all put a damper on your incentive trip or ruin it completely. Ensure that no matter what happens, your team will have a fantastic incentive vacation planned by having a backup pre-planned itinerary ready to go, just in case.

While certain things may be out of your control, chartering a private flight for your incentive trip is the best way to lower your chances of flight delays or cancelations getting in the way of your team’s incentive trip.

Charter a private business jet

Charter a private flight for your upcoming incentive trip

Would you like to learn more about how to plan a travel incentive for your employees? Lock in the flight plans for your incentive trip by chartering the private flight that is best suited for your company’s needs, preferences, and budget. We have an extensive fleet to choose from, and we can help match you up with the aircraft that is best suited for your upcoming incentive trip.

Depending on how many people you are planning on bringing, the cost of chartering a private flight may not be too far off from purchasing airline tickets for everyone.

If you had a planned incentive trip fall through last minute and you’re scrambling for alternative transportation solutions, we are also available to help. Contact us right away and no matter where you are and where your team is headed, we can get you there.