How to Overcome a Fear of Flying Quickly

How to overcome fear of flying quickly

If you have a fear of flying, you’re certainly not alone: Approximately 2.5 to 5 percent of the total population has a genuine fear of flying. People suffer from flight-related anxiety, and it’s more common than we can imagine. The fear is so real that it is regarded as a full-fledged clinical phobia known as aviophobia. Tackling and defeating this fear can be challenging, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome it. Understanding what causes a fear of flying, learning more about just how safe flying is (it is the safest mode of transportation), and chartering a private flight for your next flight are all ways to overcome a fear of flying quickly.

First steps to overcoming fear of flying quickly

Identify where exactly do your fears lie. Learning about your basic fears is a great way of addressing them and overcoming your fears.

Avoid creating unnecessary scenarios and hypothetical situations in your mind. Approach your flight with knowledge, solid facts, and statistics. Once you learn more about just how safe planes are and how rarely incidents occur, it will help to ease your mind. Understand that fear doesn’t necessarily mean danger. A fear of flying is typically misplaced, and once you begin researching more and easing into the idea of flying, you’ll discover that airplane flights are incredibly safe. Experience and exposure are great ways to wipe out your fears.

Don’t be afraid of turbulence. Some people have a fear of flying because they experienced bad turbulence on a previous flight and never flew again. Flight turbulence is nothing out of the ordinary, and there are numerous normal causes for turbulence.

Overcoming your fears: How safe are planes?

According to a study conducted at Harvard University, the chances of a plane incident are incredibly low at just one in 1.2 million. In contrast, the chances of a car crash are one in 5,000. By looking at flying with this new perspective, people realize that statistically, the chances of a car crash occurring are far greater than a plane crash. However, this often doesn’t stop us from driving or getting into a car, and understandably so. For the same reason, you shouldn’t hold yourself back from amazing experiences because you’ve limited yourself to how you travel due to your fears.

Fear of flying can also be elevated on crowded commercial flights when there are multiple people that share the same fear. A private flight can provide a secluded and isolated flight if you prefer, or you can fly with your friends, family, or colleagues if you’re all traveling together. For several reasons, chartering a plane for your next flight can also help you overcome a fear of flying quickly.

How to overcome fear of flying quickly

Private flights allow for a fully customized experience

People with crippling flight anxiety often find that they have little to no flight anxiety when they’re onboard a private flight, as private flights offer incomparable benefits that can help to ease any fears you may have about flying.

With your own private flight, you can customize your experience in any way that you want. You can rest, eat, and sleep whenever you want with your desired lighting, ambiance, and setup. Private jets have beds, couches, and other furniture to allow for a more laid-back vibe. Comfort food can also be a tremendous help when it comes to easing plane-related anxiety, and you have the option of choosing your meals ahead of time and picking the options that you prefer most.

 And if you have pets, chartering a private flight also provides ultimate flexibility when it comes to bringing a pet on board. The companionship of a pet greatly helps in calming nerves. Unlike with a commercial airliner, you aren’t forced to crate your pet or put your pet in the plane’s cargo section, which can just make any situation even more nerve-wracking.

You’ll love your private flight so much that it will eradicate all your fears of flying, and you’ll probably even enjoy flying!

How safe are planes?

Charter a private flight with Luxury Aircraft Solutions

Flight-related anxiety is very real, and at one point or another, many people have experienced it. Anxiety from flying is experienced in people who have no fear of flying whatsoever, as well. In fact, between 33 and 40 percent of the flying population have gone through one form of anxiety during their air travels. 

Charter planes are a great way to overcome your initial fears when it comes to flying. They provide a personalized comfort level for you to enjoy your flight. By eradicating your flight anxiety, you’re in for a treat, and charter planes are here to help you with just that.

Are you ready to take the next step toward conquering your fear of flying? Don’t hesitate: get started on planning your next flight by chartering a private flight through Luxury Aircraft Solutions.