How Flying Private Can Reduce Jet Lag

Flying private is one of the most comfortable ways to travel. Not only do you avoid the hassles of commercial airports, but you also enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere and can even arrive at your destination feeling rested and refreshed. But what many people don’t realize is that flying private can also help reduce jet lag.

Here’s how:

You can fly on your own schedule

When you book a commercial flight, you’re at the mercy of the airline’s schedule. But when you fly private, you can choose a departure time that works best for your body clock. This means you’re more likely to arrive at your destination feeling rested and ready to go.

You have more control over the environment

When you fly commercial, you’re stuck in a metal tube with hundreds of other people. This can make it hard to get the rest you need, especially if you’re trying to sleep on a red-eye flight. But when you fly private, you have more control over your environment. You can choose to fly during the day, when it’s easier to stay awake, or at night, when you’re more likely to sleep. Additionally, on a private jet, you can control the temperature, lighting, and other aspects of your environment. This allows you to create an atmosphere that is conducive to rest and relaxation, which can help reduce jet lag.

Cabin pressure and humidity

One of the main causes of jet lag is dehydration. When you fly at certain altitudes, the air can be very dry. This can lead to dehydration, which can in turn cause fatigue, headaches, and other symptoms of jet lag. Private jets typically fly at a different altitude than commercial airlines. This means that the air pressure and humidity are more similar to what you’re used to at ground level. As a result, you’re less likely to experience dehydration and the associated symptoms of jet lag.

Lower noise levels

Another cause of jet lag is stress. When you’re flying, you’re constantly bombarded with noise – from the engine, from other passengers, and from the outside world. This can lead to anxiety and stress, which can make jet lag worse.

Private jets typically have lower noise levels than commercial airlines. This means that you’ll be able to relax more during your flight, which can help reduce the impact of jet lag.

Better air quality

The air quality on a private jet is typically much better than on a commercial flight. This is because private jets don’t have to adhere to the same strict regulations as commercial airlines. As a result, the air on a private jet is usually cleaner and fresher, which can help reduce the symptoms of jet lag.

You can choose a comfortable aircraft

Comfort is key when it comes to reducing jet lag. Travelers on commercial aircraft often deal with cramped quarters, which can make sleeping difficult to impossible. When you’re talking about a cross-country or international flight, the inability to sleep will inevitably result in jet lag. When you’re flying private, however, you will fly on an aircraft that has comfortable seating and plenty of legroom. In fact, some private jets come equipped with full-sized beds and separate sleeping quarters. This will undoubtedly help you feel more relaxed on your flight and you’ll be less likely to experience jet lag when you arrive at your destination. 

You can avoid crowded airports 

Commercial airports can be stressful places, full of crowds and long lines. This can make it hard to relax and get your body into a restful state before a long flight. But when you fly private, you can avoid the crowds and relax in a more comfortable setting. In fact, unlike commercial flights, flying private gives you the luxury to arrive right before your departure. When you fly commercial, especially if you’re flying internationally, you often have to arrive several hours before your flight departs. This can already make the beginning of your trip an exhausting one, and often sets travelers up for jet lag. Private aviation, however, eliminates this concern altogether.

You can avoid layovers

Layovers are one of the biggest causes of jet lag. When you have to change time zones multiple times in a single trip, it can be hard for your body to keep up. But when you fly private, you can avoid layovers altogether and directly fly to your destination.

Charter a private flight today

Flying private is an excellent way to reduce jet lag. If you are planning a trip, consider flying private to help avoid the fatigue and stress of commercial travel.

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