After flying commercial for years, flying private is a whole new experience.¬†If you haven’t flown private before, it can be easy to misunderstand some of the aspects of flying private. Let’s debunk some of the common myths about flying private, which can help you understand more about how the process works.

Myth #1: Private Flights Are Only For The Ultra-Wealthy 

Truth: This is the biggest myth about flying private; many people think that private flights are far too expensive for most people to afford, or that the flight experience isn’t worth the additional cost, but this just isn’t true. You can fly between any two destinations around the world on your own terms and there is a significant list of exclusive benefits to flying private. Although flying private is certainly costlier than flying commercial, it is easy to see why, as the benefits are often priceless for most travelers.

As far as affording a private flight, the fact of the matter is, private flights are often more affordable than people realize. Whether you’re flying to a city in the other part of the country or even overseas, you will find that the cost of a private flight is quite reasonable when compared to the business class and first-class fare in commercial flights. Chartering a small plane, splitting the cost of an aircraft with a larger group, and taking advantage of empty leg flights are also some of the many ways to save money when chartering a private flight.

Myth #2: Your Flight Schedule Options Are Limited

Truth: Flying commercial means you have to pick the scheduled flight that best suits your needs, but sometimes the available options are less than ideal. Flying private, however, doesn’t limit your schedule options the way commercial flights do.

Many people are under the misconception that they won’t be able to pick their departure time. But suppose you do want to fly on a certain day and time. In that case, your flight crew will be happy to accommodate you. In fact, if you’re running late for the scheduled flight time you decide on, this often acceptable. Because it’s your own private flight, you don’t have to worry about missing it, and you are often given a range for an acceptable arrival time.

Myth #3: Flying Is Boring, And Private Flights Are No Different

Truth: Long flights with a commercial airliner can be daunting, overwhelming, and exhausting. Many people believe that the private flight experience won’t be much different, and therefore, it isn’t worth the added cost, especially for a long journey. But because chartered flights can be customized to your preferences, every minute of your flight will be relaxing and enjoyable. From your favorite catered meals to your chosen in-flight entertainment, you can be assured that your private flight will be anything but boring. In fact, your in-flight time will seem to go by much faster when you’re on your own flight. After all, like the saying goes: time flies when you’re having fun. When you’re ready to get some sleep, which is often essential on longer flights, you’ll have ample room to unwind.

Myth #4: Flying Private Isn’t As Safe

Truth: Some people believe that they won’t have the same protection and peace of mind as they do with commercial flights, but this is an unfounded fear. All airplanes have to adhere to rigorous safety standards, regardless of whether you fly privately or commercially. From properly maintained aircraft to trained pilots, you can always be assured you’re in good hands when you fly, as flying is the safest mode of transportation. If anything, flying private is even safer than flying commercially because each flight gets much more individualized attention. There are a lot of steps that go into each private flight before it takes off, and a significant part of these preparations include only the safest conditions for everyone on board.

Myth #5: Customer Service Isn’t The Same

Truth: If you’ve been loyal to a specific airline for many years, you may have recognized that strive for customer satisfaction. However, commercial airlines can only do so much to ensure you’re happy with each flight, as some things may just be out of their control. With a chartered flight, there can also be certain incidents where events are beyond anyone’s control, but you’re much less likely to run into conflicts when you charter a private flight. In cases where something does come up, there is much more flexibility to resolve the issue since it’s your own private flight. At Luxury Aircraft Solutions, we are a charter broker that is dedicated to providing you the best possible experience from the booking experience and through the flight itself. People will often agree that once they switch to flying private, the customer service they receive is even better, and much more personalized.

Charter A Private Flight Today

Flying private is a symbol of luxury and extravagance. Chartering a private flight comes with exceptional convenience and a hassle-free experience. The ability to fly from one location to another on your terms, which is tailored to your own preferences, is completely feasible when you’re flying private.

That’s not all: you can even fly in and out of airports that are exclusively reserved to charter flights, which means flying private brings you more opportunities for destinations. It is a big change from years of traditional air travel, which usually involves long lines, hauling your luggage across multiple terminal buildings, and finding the flight schedule that best suits your needs.