Comparing Business Class to Chartering a Business Flight

Compare business class airfares

Chartering a private flight can be one of the most convenient and luxurious traveling experiences ever. If you’ve been flying business class, or you’re thinking about booking a business class seat on your next flight, you may want to compare business class fares to private flights to see how they stack up. 

In recent years, private charters have become much more affordable, becoming almost synonymous with the rates of commercial carrier’s business and first-class fares. As you compare business class fares, keep in mind that private charters serve as an optimal alternative for frequent flyers who accumulate a considerable amount of their time in traveling each year, as well as those who travel in large groups, whether for leisure or corporate activities. Larger groups traveling together can significantly cut down on the cost of chartering a flight by splitting the cost of a private aircraft, rather than paying much higher amounts for the commercial flight’s premium cabins. 

From managing your own itinerary to accessing remote destinations, and above all, saving the hassle of airport lines and waiting, the experience of flying private is an epitome of perfection, providing a perfect travel solution to busy executives and individuals. 

We’ve put together a list of countless reasons you should schedule your next flight on a private plane rather than a first-class seat on a commercial flight.

Airport flexibility and private flights

Convenient access to airports

Chartering a private flight provides you convenient access to many airports located worldwide, giving you the advantage of expanding your landing base. The plane can land much closer to your final destination, whether you’re visiting a business site, production facility, private residence, or an opulent vacation spot, enabling you to avoid inconvenient airports that are located too far from your departure and arrival points. 

One of the primary reasons why busy travelers with tight schedules often opt for private flights is tranquility. Flying private liberates you from the time-consuming procedure and requirements of flying on a commercial flight. Arriving at the airport at least two hours before a commercial flight, checking in, long lines, and possible delays and cancelations all add to the hassle. With charter flights, you do not have to spend hours at congested airports and can easily eliminate the crowded waits and security lines. 


Booking a flight with a commercial airline requires you to tailor your schedule according to the timings of the flights, not to mention the additional hours spent at the airport and the possibility of delays and cancelations, which further can derail your itinerary. This can especially be problematic if a flight delay or cancelation causes you to miss a connecting flight.

Chartering your own private plane puts you at the forefront. You can manage your itinerary more efficiently by choosing your preferred times and locations. Offering its valuable services to busy executives and individuals, private air charters are tailored to run according to your schedule, taking your time into consideration. As soon as you and your traveling party board the flight, the plane is ready to depart. 

Chartering a private flight and security

Streamlined security

Neither commercial airlines nor private aircraft compromise on security. However, the procedure of going through security checks and screenings at airports often entails numerous lines and waiting, which can be quite stressful. 

Compare this to private jet charters, which allow you to board at your own convenience without having to wait in long lines. In fact, some airports allow you to go through an expedited screening process without stepping foot inside the airport, giving private flight passengers the ability to drive their cars right on the tarmac for direct boarding. 


Charter flights offer one of the most luxurious and plush experiences that simply do not match other methods of traveling. Compare business class fares with that of private flights to learn about the exalted luxury you’ve been missing. 

For example, compare the meals offered on-board: business class cabins provide decent meals, but on a private flight, you can request your favorite cuisine tailored to your taste, down to your preferred brand of drink.

It doesn’t end there, either: numerous aspects of flying private are fully customizable. You’ll be exclusively catered to, whereas with commercial flights, all passengers need to be attended to.

Comparing business class fares

Privacy and productivity 

Even when on board in a business class flight or first-class cabins, you do not always get privacy and personal space, especially like you’d receive when flying private. This lack of privacy for certain individuals can hinder their productivity, delaying the tasks planned for the duration of the flight.  Additionally, despite paying exorbitantly high business class fares, you still have limited leg and movement space and have to confine your possessions to overhead storage or under your seat. 

In contrast, flying private offers you insurmountable privacy. Whether you’re traveling alone, with a group of colleagues, or with your family for a vacation, a private aircraft provides you unprecedented privacy. You can freely work on classified projects, carry on with your business meeting, attend virtual conferences, or discuss private matters with your team without being conscious about being heard. With a private flight, you can enjoy the company of your family or guests in your own private cabin without any external disturbances. 

Since private flights are informed about the requisites of their travelers, they are designed to offer a conducive and relaxing environment to the passengers, enabling them to carry on with their tasks. 

Bringing along pets

If you’re flying commercial and bringing a pet, you are forced to crate your pet, even if you’re flying in business class. Bringing a pet along and sending it in the cargo would only result in a daunting and stressful flight experience. In fact, some airlines do not even allow you to take a pet along and may charge hefty fees. You can avoid this chaos with a private flight, where you have the luxury of having your pet seated right next to you. 

Compare business class fares to private flights 

If you feel that traveling in a commercial flight’s business class cabin is the best value, then you should compare business class airfares to private flights. Apart from the innumerable benefits of flying privately, many charter flight fares are reasonably priced if you compare business class fares. For example, taking advantage of empty leg flights, splitting the cost of a private plane with a larger group, or chartering a small airplane if you’re traveling solo are some of the many ways that chartering a private flight can cost less than business class. 

Charter a private flight with Luxury Aircraft Solutions

Whether you’re a corporate executive or an entrepreneur whose time is one of the most precious assets, flying privately is the most viable and practical option, rather than wasting hours commuting to and waiting at bustling airports. Contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions today to charter your flight!

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