Charter a small plane to Bradford Regional Airport (BFD)

Bradford Regional Airport covers an area of 1,015 acres and is located in Lewis Run, Pennsylvania. The largest aircraft to ever operate at Bradford Regional Airport was a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy, which weighed 656,000 pounds. Only one of these planes is still in operation today. It would require approximately 3,300 feet of runway to land.

About Bradford Regional Airport – Lewis Run, PA (BFD)

The second-largest aircraft ever to operate at Bradford was a Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress. It weighs 52,500 pounds and would require half of the runway length for this plane than the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy does. Because of the airport’s size restrictions when it comes to aircraft, the best way to travel in and out of Bradford Regional Airport is to charter a small plane.

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212 Airport Rd
Lewis Run, PA 16738

Number of runways


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Hotels in and near Lewis Run, PA

Westline Inn
Mountain Laurel Inn
The Old Library Inn
Mansion District Inn Bed and Breakfast Suites

Restaurants in Lewis Run, PA

Vavalos Bar and Restaurant
Tack’s Inn
Crosby’s – Lewis Run
Runaway Bar & Grill
The New Keystone

Nearby cities:

Custer City, PA
Cyclone, PA
Gifford, PA
Lafayette, PA
Ormsby, PA

Top attractions in Lewis Run, PA

Kinzua Bridge State Park
Rimrock Overlook
Bent Run Waterfall
Hanley Park
Allegheny National Forest

Charter a flight to/from Bradford Regional Airport – Lewis Run, PA (BFD)

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