Charter a flight this Thanksgiving and avoid the rush


Did you know that Thanksgiving week is the busiest traffic week on roads and highways throughout the United States? Beating out other holidays, including Christmas and New Year’s week, the American Automobile Association (AAA) has reported that approximately 43.4 million people in the country travel each year for Thanksgiving. Approximately 38.9 million of those people, or 90 percent, will travel by car.

It’s no surprise that based on these alarming statistics, there is a tremendous amount of traffic congestion. Even rural areas that often see little to no traffic jams will usually experience bumper-to-bumper traffic during Thanksgiving week.



Thanksgiving has also been named as one of the deadliest holidays for road travel. According to the National Safety Council, traffic fatalities during Thanksgiving week are almost 10 percent higher when compared to other days throughout the year. Not only is this due to the significant increase in traffic congestion, but the National Center for Statistics and Analysis has reported drunk driving as a primary cause.


Commercial airline and train travel

While traffic on the road can be an absolute nightmare (and downright dangerous) during Thanksgiving week, there are also the hassles of dealing with commercial airline and train travel to consider. Picture huge crowds and long lines, to the point where you might end up missing your flight or train if you don’t arrive early enough. With a chartered flight, you can count on a much more relaxed boarding experience–not to mention that your aircraft will wait for you if you are running a bit late.

Another thing to think about is commercial flight delays and cancellations. Let’s say you have a commercial flight booked for Thanksgiving week, instead of a charter flight, and it gets delayed or cancelled due to bad weather. You are then put on a standby list, along with hundreds of others, all competing for the next available flight. And with most flights being completely booked during this time of year, who knows when that’ll be? By the time you actually get to your destination, it might be time to turn right around and come home.


Charter a plane and avoid the stress of holiday travel

If you’re going home for the holidays: When you’re traveling home for the holidays to spend precious time with loved ones, the last thing you want to do is waste time just by getting there. Every moment counts, and when you charter a plane with Luxury Aircraft Solutions, we can get you there as quickly and safely as possible.

If you’re going on vacation with your family: Thanksgiving can be a great time for the entire family to travel together and enjoy a destination holiday. If you are not traveling to a family member’s house to celebrate the holiday, but rather you’re all planning a vacation elsewhere, why not make your trip a seamless one by booking a flight with Luxury Aircraft Solutions?

We still have availability for chartered air travel this Thanksgiving. Whether you’re traveling to a nearby city and want to avoid the traffic jams, flying across the country, or plan on leaving the country, contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions today to arrange your private air transportation.