Charter a flight for Memorial Day Weekend 2015


The origins of Memorial Day are not completely clear, with several US cities claiming to be the birthplace of what was originally known as Decoration Day. What is known is that Memorial Day was created to remember the extraordinary loss of life during the US Civil War. Though Southern states did not join in Decoration Day until after World War I, today our country is united in remembering soldiers from all wars on Memorial Day. This is part of the 2021 Federal Holidays that employees are allowed off by their employer. If you’re trying to decide on a destination to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, the following are some ideas to consider:


Washington, D.C.

Washington, a popular choice for a wide array of Memorial Day weekend activities and special events. Watch the solemn changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, or enjoy one of the largest Memorial Day parades in the country. Washington, always a wonderful place to enjoy history and American culture, and it is in prime form for Memorial Day.

Copley Square, Boston

Boston, Massachusetts

As a vital city during America’s founding, Boston, Massachusetts, is another spectacular place to spend Memorial Day Weekend. Visit the home of Paul Revere or participate in the 69th annual Memorial Day service held at Veterans Memorial Park. A special Memorial Day concert and the Garden of Flags ensure that those we remember are honored in Boston. The Museum of Fine Arts even offers free admission to all visitors on Memorial Day.


St. Louis, Missouri

The gateway to the American west helps you celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with barbeque and 63-story views from the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. Tour the courthouse that held the case of Dred Scott, take in a Cardinals game, or a Mississippi riverboat cruise as you relax and take in some history of the nation. Don’t miss the Arch museum video showing men working 50 years ago to build the 630-foot high structure with no safety gear!


Charter a flight for Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Wherever you plan to go this year for Memorial Day Weekend, allow Luxury Aircraft Solutions to get you there in style. Holiday weekends are a busy time to travel, and commercial airports can be hectic. If you thought about driving, remember that traffic tends to be bad during holiday weekends as well. Avoid the rush by getting your instant private jet charter rates.