Best European cities to visit in the summer


Looking for somewhere unique and exotic to travel this summer? Paris and London are gorgeous during the summer, but you will be sharing them with large crowds. Look beyond the normal hotspots and find a European city that is ideally experienced during the summer months and can provide a less “touristy” experience. If you are looking for amazing european vacation packages for your vacation, you might be interested in somewhere like Tours4Fun to get yourself on your European adventure. The look of some of these cities may make you want to take a trip on something like a ferryu sooner rather than later.


Reykjavik, Iceland

Bitterly cold in the winter, but gorgeous and rugged in the summer, Reykjavik is a destination that will not be so packed with tourists that you cannot enjoy the beauty and culture of the city. Colorful homes painted in vibrant hues stand against a backdrop of Iceland’s stunning mountains and forests. You can explore the city or take day trips to enjoy the rustic countryside that is close at hand.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

Full of rich history, but often overlooked as a vacation destination, Moscow is a wonderful city to explore during the summer. Soak up the history of Red Square, appreciate the amazing architecture of Moscow’s cathedrals and historic structures, and visit the ballet. Walk the streets that inspired Tolstoy and explore palaces that were once home to the Romanovs in this delightful city.


Isle of Skye, Scotland

Feel as though you have escaped to a fairytale land when you arrive at the rugged, misty Isle of Skye. Miles of coastline enclose an island known for its wild beauty and romanticism. Sunsets are stunning and long-lasting due to the far north location of the island. Whether you love mountains or beaches, you will find yourself in paradise on the Isle of Skye this summer.


Savonlinna, Finland

Centered in Finland’s spectacular lake region, Savonlinna is an ideal vacation destination if you love wildlife and rustic lakeshore getaways. Choose to be surrounded by woodland as you take in beautiful northern sunsets over pristine lake waters. You also won’t be far from opportunities to take in shows, enjoy fine dining, or explore historic castles.


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