5 Reasons a Jet Membership is Better Than Jet Cards

A jet membership can provide a level of convenience and luxury that jet cards cannot match. From unprecedented access to private jets to cost savings, the following are just some of the many reasons why a jet membership is the better option compared to jet cards.

More flexibility with aircraft selection

Jet memberships provide travelers with many advantages over jet cards. For starters, memberships often offer more access to aircraft types and sizes that may not be available to those with jet cards. Members also have the added benefit of being able to select the exact type of aircraft they want; jet memberships offer exclusive access to different types of aircraft, so travelers can find the perfect fit for their trip. Some jet card programs require that cardholders commit to a certain type of aircraft upfront. This might not be a dealbreaker if you’ll always know the specific type of plane you’ll want to fly in each time, but sometimes, situations change. Whether you want the freedom to pick and choose from different types of planes with each flight, or the flexibility to simply change your mind if you want to, it’s important to keep this significant limitation in mind if you’re considering a jet card.

Unparalleled accessibility

One of the top benefits of a jet membership is having unlimited access to private jets worldwide. Unlike jet cards that come with a pre-set amounts of hours or flights that must be booked per year, many jet memberships offer unlimited access in terms of mileage, number of flights, and destinations. This provides significantly more flexibility in terms of being able to book trips anywhere at any time, without worrying about running out of flight hours or having your trip canceled due to lack of availability. There is also no concern about unused flight hours going to waste. With a jet membership, you can fly as much (or as little) as you want.

Cost savings

Jet memberships tend to be far more cost-effective than jet cards in the long run because they don’t require committing to a certain number of flight hours. Instead, a fixed upfront fee is paid, which gives customers access to discounted, wholesale rates on all flights.  


Unlike traditional commercial airlines where passengers have limited options when it comes to scheduling flights, with a private jet membership, you can plan trips according to your own needs without any hassle or dealing with inconvenient wait times. Plus, there’s no need for you to navigate through busy airport terminals since all flights depart directly from FBOs (fixed base operators) located near major cities around the world. On top of that, some memberships (like the program we offer through JetMembership.com) include convenience features, such as an app and website, that are dedicated solely for requesting private flight quotes quickly and easily. 

You’ll often have some of the same perks when you fly private with a jet card. However, some of these perks are either limited or simply unavailable. The fact of the matter is, jet memberships offer the true VIP experience. If you charter a private flight with a jet card, you’ll often face several limitations, lack of availability, and other restrictions. As such, jet cards simply do not offer the same carefree and convenient experience that people tend to seek when flying private.

Ultimately, whether it’s for business travel or personal indulgence, an elite traveler should highly consider signing up for a private jet membership rather than simply relying on conventional charter agreements such as jet cards for their aviation needs – considering all the benefits that come with it!

A revolutionary pricing model

JetMembership.com is revolutionizing the private flight industry with its wholesale pricing model, which offers members much lower rates than traditional charter flights. JetMembership.com allows users to join for a flat rate, which in return, gives them access to exclusive discounts on all types of private jets. Our program’s unique pricing model puts customers in control, allowing them to charter private flights at rates that are typically only available to charter brokers. Traditionally, customers pay an undisclosed commission every time they charter a flight. With our membership, however, members pay wholesale rates that don’t roll those commissions and other added fees into the final price. This means a substantial savings for every flight you charter; the more you fly, the more you save overall.

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